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Frequent questions

For more information on how our service works, read the frequently asked questions

What is Fit Hero Game?

Fit Hero Game is the first Fit game to train together. Challenge your partner or make up your own team. Do all the exercises and become the new Fit Hero!

How does it work?

-30 boxes, each with a different training challenge

- Whoever completes the exercise program first wins

-Beware, the road could be full of unexpected!

How do I get the Fit Hero Game?

Click Buy Now. Add the game to your cart and receive it throughout Italy in 72 hours.

The rollable format allows you to always carry it with you.

What are the payment methods?

It is possible to pay with Paypal or Credit Card. Payment by credit card must be selected once Paypal has been opened by clicking the gray button at the bottom with the words "Pay with a card".

I don't know the name of the exercises - How can I see them?

Follow our Instagram page, find the exercise and find out how to do it correctly.